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You are a parent, a professional.

The care of people with a disability in alpine skiing by professionals requires specific and recognized training in order to offer a good quality service under optimal safety conditions.

TESSIER has approved trainers to organize training courses for mountain professionals (instructors, guides). These same trainers are also approved for the training of parents of children with a disability or professionals working with the public concerned. Only a ski or a mountain guide diploma allows to earn money in France.

Due to her experience and her university studies, Emmanuelle is a part of the small group of professionals allowed to organize specific trainings. Tessier Society issues piloting licences after validation of the training.

There are training courses for each equipment. To access it, you must be aware of the public with a disability, be in good physical condition and have a very good level at skiing to provide quality and safety. The training durations depend on to the equipment chosen and your status; for a few hours to several days.


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