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Our philosophy

Independent instructors, all national graduates, welcome you to the ESI Val Cenis in Haute Maurienne Vanoise. Like you, they have chosen the International Ski School to exercise their profession, satisfy their convictions and work in optimal conditions. Their goal is to do their best to help you make your vacation a success.

We are a part, with 75 other ski schools in France and Switzerland, of the International Union of Ski Instructors (SIMS), united around the ESI quality chart. 35 years of experience and 1800 instructors available for you.

This is why we offer recognized tests and medals in France and in Europe. 

All fond of mountains and skiing, we want to use our skills at your service in order to share with you the multiple activities offered by the exceptional environment of the Haute Maurienne valley.

Our ski school, on a human size, allows us to work with the flexibility and availability necessary for quality teaching. We have chosen to limit paticipants, that is why we provide private lessons or small-group lessons (8 max.).

Experienced in skiing or specialized in Handiski, our instructors will be able to adapt and personalize the pedagogy and equipment that suit you. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, children or adults, discover our services for your enjoyment.

  • 5 good reasons to choose ESI ESI Val Cenis

    - Small group for better learning:
    Attentive to preserve quality, safety and fun at the same time, our groups are from 6 children in the youngest children groups to 8 children in all the other groups.

    - Expert and enthusiastic instructors to accompagny you:
    Our instructors have a few things in common: they are motivated by the same passion for mountain and skiing, but they are also all qualified of the National School of Ski and Mountaineering in Chamonix (ENSA) or certified with a professionnal licence.

    - Making teaching fun is our priority:
    By sharing with you this passion for different sports, our team of instructors will help you to progress while having fun. We make it as a philosophy because we are convinced that a friendly and relaxed atmosphere is the key to better learning.

    - Reduce pressure
    To assess your level, we carry out a "continuous assessment" rather than a final exam (more academic and more stressful). We think it is fairer and better suited to outdoor conditions while allowing your instructor to observe the progress made over the whole week.

    - Medal award in group lessons:
    Getting a medal is a key moment in the week for a kid, it's an integral part of child's achievement!
    At the ESI we do not ask you to pay for an extra: the medal is free in group lessons!

    - Internationally recognized medals:
    Are you coming from another ski school or another resort? Don't worry, the ESI medals are internationally recognized and allow you to continue your progress anywhere. Of course we would be enjoyed to welcome you again!

  • Our advices Thank you reading these few lines, you will find there some informations to enjoy your stay. So please ask your instructors some advice, he or she will be delighted to help you.


    Because it is not so easy to learn alone … The lessons of ski and snowboard will help you to start on good bases and to save time in your progress. It is also the opportunity to put back things in the order to avoid the tiredness and take fully advantage of your stay.

    If you are seated skier, a specialized instructor can help you to discover the ski slopes and avoid the traps so as to take advantage of the ski in autonomy. Whoever you are, an adult or a child, a beginner or confirmed, rash or careful, alone, in family or between friends. There is a type of lessons for you.

    With us the group lessons are “mini”, in other words, every child is important and deserves the attention of his monitor; indeed, according to the level the groups consist of 6 to 8 children. These lessons owed 2h30, to take time and allow the parents to take advantage quietly of the ski slopes. The lessons begin on Sunday, December 17th, 2022 and will continue till the end of season (around April 15th, 2023). Schedules are given for information purposes and may vary according to the opening hours of the ski lifts and the particular requests.


    In mountain the weather can change very quickly and the wind modify considerably the temperatures. The thermal amplitude between the snow front and the summit of the ski slopes can reach 10 degrees and more. It is thus important to supply to your children an equipment enough insulating to ski in the best conditions.
    The brightness is particularly important on the snow, glasses or goggles of your children have to supply an adapted protection.
    The helmet use is an essential precaution for the children, it is compulsory if you attends the courses and outside too!
    The ski lifts provide automatic borders for the detection of skipass, to facilitate the passage and save time, it will be recommended to place it left-hand side.


    The physical effort, the fight against the cold (or the warmth) and the height are factors favoring the dehydration. It is important that the children take a well-balanced breakfast and a hot drink before the morning classes. IF children have classes on the afternoon and if the they skied in the morning, it is important to plan a time of rest.
    A snack in the pocket may be welcome.
    Think of warming you up and know to avoid the superfluous run … The tiredness is at the root of numerous accidents …


    10 rules of the good skier:

    1 – Respect for others
    2 – Control of the speed and the behavior
    3 – Choice of the direction by the one who is upstream
    4 – Overtaking
    5 – Crossing of runs
    6 – Parking
    7 – Walking on the edge of slopes
    8 – Respect of the information, of the marking and of the signaling.
    9 – Assistance in the event of an accident
    10 – Identification in case of collision

    More informations on www.domaines-skiables.fr

    During ” off-piste tour”, being with an instructor or a guide does not cancel hasard. Only they keep control on decision and choice of routes.

    Ski runs are not accessible to the pedestrians and to the sledges except on dedicated routes and on activities framed by professionals.


    Before your departure, inquire about your insurance contracts. The classes and the skipasses are not reimburse in case of wound or disease. Only a specific insurance will allow to compensate you.

    There is an insurance bound to the FFS on sale with skipasses: Le carré neige
    More informations on: www.carreneige.com

    La compagnie du sport MMA, partner of ESI offers an insurance for your all family.

  • RESPECT THE NATURE Under the snow, the meadow...

    The managers of the resort and the various service providers strive to minimize the ecological impact of skiing on the environment. Everyone at their own level makes their contribution and this is how each spring, the children of the Val Cenis sports club and residents roam the ski area to collect the wastes, which are as numerous as amazing. A large part of the slopes constitute the meadows which provide pasture and hay for the cows, sheeps and other goats which are the source of the cheeses of the valley. We are counting on each of you to help us in this task by taking care to keep with you the packaging of snacks or picnics taken on the slopes. Help us to take care of nature to keep it clean and welcoming.