Group lessons

The lessons of skiing and snowboarding will help you to start on solid bases and to save time in your progress.
It also used to correct errors, avoid the tiredness and fully enjoy your stay.


· Schedules ·

10:00 - 12:30

Morning lessons. Only children.
2h30 x 5 ou 6 days

12:45 - 14:30

Lessons at noon during winter holidays
on demand. 1h45 x 6 days

14:30 - 17:00

Afternoon lessons. Only children.
2h30 x 5 ou 6 days

· Skiing group lessons ·

Small number of pupils

6 in beginner class
8 max in the others


Group lessons +

Offered medal

For all week lessons

Single rate

145 € the week
(6 sessions)

Entrust your children to us and take advantage of the ski slopes quietly.

The group lessons last 2h30 throughout the season that is 15h over the week.

Limited to 6/8 pupils according to level, ESI group lesson is an excellent compromise between private and group lesson. Indeed, you will appreciate the conviviality related to the group, the emulation between the children and the bargain price; all this for a personalized teaching.

Be zen, the lessons begin at 10 am.
You can also enjoy the flexibility by choosing 5 or 6 sessions in the week.

Medals are offered to the group lessons registered children.
5 % off on the third child of the sibship registration.

Save money with the pack, Skipass is provided for 5 to 11 old aged-children who never skied or once before. It is valid during 6 days on the whole ski area.


Children group lessons are distributed in 4 different groups with ESI Val Cenis.
This organization allows us to manage at best the technical and morphological gaps between the children.
At the end of the week, every child receives the medal ESI corresponding to the level reached, from the Green Mouse to the Crystal of Diamond. At the registration, you have to specify the level obtained by your children in any ski school, we take care of equivalencies.

Distribution of the classes:
Group Mouse (Souris): children of less than 6 years having never skied
Group Ermine (Hermine): children having obtained the Mouse or the International Crystal
Group Hare ( Lièvre): children having obtained the Crystal of Bronze or Silver
Group Ibex (Bouquetin): children having obtained the Crystal of Vermeil or Gold


  • If your children have already followed ESI class, think of bringing with you their pad of levels to complete them.
  • If you are already registered, it is not useful to come to meet us upon your arrival in the resort, WE WAIT FOR YOU AT THE MEETING POINT at Val Cenis Le Haut, the first day at the indicated time.
  • Exceptionally some group lessons take place with 9 pupils instead of 8 maximum because of the reorientation of a pupil. We do our best to meet our commitments.
  • The autonomy and the safety are the main goals in the first classes. Be not thus surprised seeing your little children managing alone their equipment at the telecabin for instance. Also, know how to get up only is a key of safety, it is important that this acquisition is approached from the first levels.

· Snowboarding group lessons ·

Small number of pupils

6 maximum

Offered medal

For all week lessons

Single rate

145 € the week (6 sessions)

The group lessons of snowboarding are necessary to start quickly and decrease the risks of wound by limiting the bad falls.

The group lessons of snowboarding are “mini”, limited to 6 pupils.

The group lessons of snowboarding take place from 4 pupils. According to the demand, it is possible that they are not planned in the schedule.


Skiing and snowboarding

3 days skiing and 3 days snowboarding

To learn gradually about the snowboard, from the Golden crystal.
This class can be organized on request from 4 pupils.